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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ SPARK Workflow Overview

S​PARK Workflow is a business process management tool for SharePoint that enables business users to quickly and seamlessly design and build out processes from simple ones to more complex processes. It includes activities and operations for sending e-mails and dealing with items and files (i.e. create/delete/move/copy/update item/file, item/file permission), set column value, set workflow status, change workflow status, start/stop workflow, if condition, while loop and many more activities for creating custom workflows. SP​ARK Workflow permits its customers to drive business process efficiently, simply, intuitively, and increasing productivity by eliminating the need to perform day-to-day routine tasks manually to adapt their changing of business requirements.

Process automation for Sharepoint-SPARK Workflow  

The product can be used to establish, standardize, and monitor processes and workflows in any department of your organization.

SP​ARK Workflow provides an affordable solution for any sized business and at an affordable and rapid Return-On-Investment (ROI) price point.

​Workflow Brochure


Workflow Brochure

​Workflow Brochure O365


Workflow Brochure O​365

Workflow Features

SPARK forms run on any device, desktops, mobile devices, tablets, web browser and across operating systems without having to worry about compatibility, deployment or application maintenance.

In addition, SPARK workflow provides you with ability to view your workflow history from a central point.

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