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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ About SPARK Forms Builder 

SPARK is a web-based forms builder that lets you quickly and easily create multi-lingual electronic forms within the SharePoint environment and Office 365.

SPARK, which refers to "SharePoint Advanced Redesign Kit" allows users, designers, and SharePoint admins to easily build highly professional forms in the SharePoint platform simply by placing a rich set of drag/drop controls in a user-friendly editor which let them also control and configuring the control’s properties, style, validations, rules and formats and publishing these forms to SharePoint lists and libraries by just a click.

​Using SPARK, you can easily create and design controls in your form by dragging and dropping them in the design canvas. You can create simple forms and apply simple business rules without effort, also you create complex and logic-driven forms using OOTB SPARK functions, JavaScript, jQuery, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Using SPARK you decide the information your business needs and use SPARK's controls, tools, built-in functions, rules, and features to design and update forms to your exact specifications.

SPARK integrates seamlessly with any workflow engine, whether it was built by SharePoint Designer, Visio, Nintex, K2, or others, to automate business processes and deliver rich SharePoint applications, allowing users of these forms to make decisions, perform actions, respond to assigned tasks, view workflow details or even delegate tasks by using the actions menu at the top ribbon of the form's page.

​SPARK is fully integrated with external LoB such as DBs, XML, Web Services, and SharePoint Data Sources, to view and update these data in a centralized form. ​In SPARK you will be able to use ready-made form templates that are configured to be used on desktops, mobile smartphones, and tablets/iPads, also SPARK forms are compatible to run on different types of browsers such as IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari and they are fully supporting mobile responsive design.

​SPARK provides end-users with the ability to build very easy-to-support applications which causes headaches for the organization’s IT staff, SharePoint team, and business owners. With ​SPARK, the designer can create the form in a few hours instead of spending long weeks trying to create a similar functioning form using old traditional ways of development.

​SPARK modernizes legacy forms by replacing the old ones that are not meeting the​ needs for mobility, performance, and maintainability and reducing reliance on expensive developers that require complex tools like Visual Studio.

Using SPARK you can add as many controls as you need to your forms, there are no limits to the number of controls you can use on the form. We provide you with all controls to handle your data input and integration. SPARK has the following controls to create an art of design forms: Attachment, Dropdown List , Searchable Lookups , Multiple Choice , Checkbox , Repeater , People Picker , Date , Time , DateTime , Label , Hyperlink , Vertical & Horizontal Lines , Textbox , Multi-line Textbox , Number , Currency , Radio Button , Image , External Data Picker , External Data Dialog , Tab , Buttons , Barcode , E-Signature , Captcha , CheckboxList , Rich Textbox editor (including the ability to add/link audio, video, picture and tables) , Panel (to group controls together and controls the appearance and visibility of the controls it contains) , Page Viewer (allows a view of a page or document to be included within the control) , Advanced Lookup (the most suitable to display data from large lists as the lookup data are not loaded during form load and it allows users to search for the required value using a popup search form) , List Grid View , Toggle Switch.


​SPARK Overview

​SPARK Brochure


​SPARK​ Brochure

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SPARK Features​

SPARK utilizes the Business Connectivity Services (BCS) within SharePoint to access external data. By using "External Data Picker", "External Picker Dialog" controls and special SPARK functions, users can easily select items from the data source to which BCS is connecting and reflects their data on Form’s controls.

With SPARK you can integrate the form with an external SQL Database using "SQL Connector" control and special SPARK functions without the need to use BCS. Users can easily select items from the database to which SQL Connector is connecting and reflects their data on Form’s controls.

You can integrate the form with an external or internal XML data source, XML string stored in SP columns or InfoPath forms by using SPARK "XML Connector" control and special SPARK functions. Users can easily select items from the XML data source to which the control is connecting and reflects their data on Form’s controls.

You can integrate the form with external Lob through their web services by using SPARK "Web Services Connector" control and special SPARK functions. Users can easily select items from the web services data source to which the control is connecting and reflects their data on Form’s controls.