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​​​​​​​​​​Efficiently, in a fraction of the time create custom documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF with data dynamically stored in SharePoint.

SPARK Document Generation activity enables the workflow designer to create custom documents with data dynamically merged from tagged templates stored in SharePoint. These tags are mapped to variables and workflow data such as columns, Tables, and images available in the workflow or SharePoint in general.

SP​ARK Document Generation is easy to use and has incredible features, it shortens the time required to generate documents such as certificates, contracts, offers, registration, profiles, ..etc,  and eliminate human errors with seamless integration.


SPARK Document Generation ​is perfect for automating:

  • Commercial contracts 

  • Financial reports 

  • University documents 

  • Lending documents 

  • Mortgage documents 

  • Insurance documents 

  • HR documents

  • Medical documents

  • Dynamic m​anuals

  • and more..
SPARK Document Generation  

SPARK Document Generation Feature

Easy to use:
just drag & drop the activity and set up the document sittings in seconds.

SPARK Document Generation  


Ability to add tables: 
Document Generation Tables contain collection variables to dynamically repeat rows, tables, and sections data in document templates.

Ability to add images:

Add dynamic images to your document templates that can be changed based on workflow rules and conditions, these images are stored and managed in SharePoint libraries.

Ability to​ add HTML sections:
Add an HTML section to populate your document templates, Document Generation HTML section contains HTML code with dynamic data to be generated in document templates.

Add lists to your documents:
You can create a list of values in a (Word Template) by creating a variable of type collection in the workflow and use a compatible activity such as "CAML Query Activity" to fill it.​​

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  1. ​Office 365 Word, Excel,​ and PowerPoint online applications or Office 2013 desktop editions or later versions 

  2. SPARK Document tagger (office add-in)

  3. SPARK Workflow Enterprise edition ​​
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