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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we support such organizations and offer great discounts for them, please contact us to find out what discount you are entitled to.

We do offer many options, editions, bundles and discounts to choose from.
Our prices range from a couple of hundred dollars and up based on the editions and features you need.For on premise solution you will pay for the license only one time and you will have it forever.​You can get a fully detailed price list for our products and services by filling the request for price list form.

You pay for the license only once while support and SA services fees are paid annually for On-premise Apps. And Cloud services are annual subscription services, which means that you need to pay for these services every year to keep them activated on your SharePoint online tenancy.​​

SPARK Forms Builder and SPARK Document Scanning for on-Premise Workgroup editions are limited to only five sites (feature activations) per farm, with unlimited number of forms per site. And SPARK Workflow for Office 365 Workgroup edition is limited to only 10 workflows per tenancy. However, SPARK Forms Builder and SPARK Document Scanning​ for Office 365​ Workgroup editions have no limitation of any kind.

Basic support services allow you to submit support tickets concerning issues you may face when working with our products and allow you to consult our technical team about your cases as well.​

Premium support services allow you to request our professional technical team to involve directly in the custom design and development process of your forms and workflows in your SharePoint environment. This package will grant you a 80 work hours annually​.​

For On-Premise a​pps the license can be purchased separately without the support and the SA services, as they are optional services. However, you will be no longer entitled for any offer or discount. But for Office 365 apps ​the license cannot be purchased separately without the support and the SA services, as they are included in the subscription price, and automatically provided through our cloud services.​​​

Software Assurance services allow you to install hotfixes, new releases and upgrade your license to higher releases of SharePoint free.​​​

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