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​​​​ Process Management solution

ProSys is a complete web-based Case & Process Management solution developed based on SharePoint Technologies , which allows users to create, manage, store, access and monitor workflows using smart and simple methods. ProSys is supported by dynamic features DocViewer, Attachments, Scanning, Searching, and much more. And it is integrated with MS Office, Active Directory and any of LoB applications.

ProSys presents a complete picture of an organization´s processes so that process participants can review, approve and control business activities more effectively. Through using ProSys, processes in the organization become more standardized, which in turn reduces costs, time and errors. All ProSys actions can be performed from a PC, smart phones and tablet, a crucial benefit for those who work out of the office.

ProSys Case Management allows organizations to better serve requests of customers/citizens.

The system improves customer satisfaction, enhance service quality, reduce time & human errors by eliminating manual case management processes. The system eliminates communication breakdowns that leave customers/citizens feeling unheard by granting them convenient, online access to interact with staff & view the status of their service requests.

With our case management solution, field officers & also the customers can easily initiate & submit requests, through internet portal, to input, manage & follow-up requests from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Itlaq Technologies  

General Key Features

  • Simplifying the processes of creating, tracking, & managing services & information requests. 
  • Access the case information via smart phone .
  • Record all history of taken actions, events, follow-ups, exchanged messages, response times & user feedback .
  • All relevant case correspondences, emails, documents, case notes, ..etc. can be attached into a case .​​
  • Built-in & customizable visual dashboard to track the performance of employees in real-time. 
  • Delegate assigned task to any process participants by authorized persons. 
  • As an output of request, auto generates Word & Excel documents based on request type. 
  • SLA through dashboards, analytical & KPIs reports .
  • Send notifications to workflow participants based on the SLA.
  • Improve reporting & data quality by classifying requests with a centralized taxonomy.
  • Create custom case categories to match the business needs .
  • Keep all process participants up-to-date with configurable email alerts & even SMS text messages, when jobs have been left pending or incomplete for a specified time period. 

Document & Process Management Solution
  • Graphical performance reporting including KPIs, case by status, case by type, delayed case, case by problem type, ..etc.
  • Save report results as Excel files for further manipulation for your accounting solution​.