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​​​ General Key Features

SPARKnit​ Attachments System is an Integrated SharePoint Solution provides organizations with a central point functionality to attach any type of files/documents to lists and libraries in a tree-view style. The following describes the main key features of the system:   

  • Unlimited number of documents/files can be easily attached.
  • Built over SharePoint Platform.
  • One single point tree-view style that binds all attachments.
  • Create folders to store, secure & organize documents.
  • Control security by single attachment.
  • Upload single/multiple files.
  • Link attachments with other attachments, documents or forms.
  • Copy attachments from other forms, items or document’s attachments.
  • Integrated with Google Drive and SharePoint Office.
  • Integrated with Webcam​.
  • Integrated with other system such as Document Scan, OCR, Document Annotation and Document Viewer.